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You will find detailed information about the terms of use below. This information has been prepared for you to know how reliable the system of is. Please read the entire terms of use. Be aware that your photographic data will be kept in your personal data repository. offers you programs that will allow you to view the photos you uploaded to its system only for you or to make settings for sharing with other members/Internet users.
REMEMBER: Your personal information is safe at If you use services, the information you report will not be shared with third parties or institutions unless you give your consent and expressly indicate. You can read our PRIVACY POLICY Statement regarding the privacy of your personal information.
Our communication with you will be via the e-mail address you provided during your membership registration. provides services for its members to easily store, share and order photo data. Those who will use our services must read and accept the terms of use before ordering. Your right to use the site and services will only be valid as long as you comply with the terms of use.
1-PHOTO DATA STORAGE offers its member users free and unlimited online photo storage. There are no limitations in storing personal photos. When you upload images to its servers, may change the original resolution of these images when it deems necessary. However, we recommend that you always keep a copy of your original content on your personal system. You should not use data stores as the sole and main medium where you store your photos. cannot be held responsible for problems and errors that may occur in data stores. The services we will provide are provided for your personal use only. You cannot transfer or sell your user rights on to others or use the service for commercial benefit in any other way.
2-MEMBERS AND USER RESPONSIBILITIES, member and It allows its users to perform activities with their photos. System users who are members or not, cannot use services in 'Transactions with Legal Content' with the following features. >B-Used without the knowledge and consent of the right holder,
C-Belonging to terrorist organizations or known to be,
D-Infringing on the rights of others,
E-Illegal activity,
F-Virus Any content and computer code that contains corrupted files or similar harmful code, or to prevent/disrupt the use of Fotografya systems, for any person or institution, whether they are a member of or not,
H-, which contains a link/link to any of the above mentioned, reserves the right to determine whether any content is 'Forbidden Content' within the scope of these terms of use, and reserves the right to determine any content entered into its system at any time. has the power to check in detail. has the authority to change and delete any uploaded content without prior notice. Any responsibility (whether private or public) regarding any content processed on the site system belongs to the person who uploaded the relevant content to the system.
When you use systems You will be in the community that enjoys photography. As a condition of your system subscription, regarding your own content and for the use of services, not including commercial rights, not exclusive to, general, copyright waived for, displaying, copying, transmitting, creative You agree in advance to make and distribute the work. As a condition of your membership, you accept in advance that you are the owner of the content you have provided to with the specified usage right or that you have obtained written usage permission from the legal right holder. and you agree in advance that you will comply with the intellectual property laws. You cannot take any action on a content that does not belong to you on without the written permission of the relevant right holder. While using system servicesYou agree in advance that if you violate the copyright and intellectual property laws, you will be solely and entirely responsible for the legal consequences of your actions. The  printing rights of the photos shared by the members in the Photo Gallery belong to
4-USER'S GUARANTEE members and users are consciously or unconsciously responsible for the use of the system services. that you will cause unconsciously, or that you will cause as a result of the use of your membership account by someone else, that employees, managers, partners, business partners, licensors, suppliers, service providers and dealers will try to prevent all kinds of loss, compensation, expenditure and damage. and you agree to indemnify in advance.
5-LIMITED WARRANTY AND LIABILITY has no responsibility for the content: Content created during the use of system services and its business partners cannot be held responsible for content errors/deficiencies or losses and damages that may arise from the content, or related to other content to be accessed as a result of this content being directed. Film, slide, usb flash memory, memory card, cd etc. sent by members to In case of any damage,'s responsibility will be as much as the value to be calculated over the current average market retail sales prices of the relevant materials.
The products and services offered through are presented to you as is. Due to the features not specified during the explanation of this, the definition of the service and product contents, these features cannot be assumed to exist and cannot be held responsible for their shortcomings. reserves the right to make any changes regarding the offered service and product content. cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur due to service product changes. It does not guarantee to its members and users that the system services will meet the needs of the members fully and as they wish, in terms of being completely free from similar harmful content. All risks related to harmful consequences belong to the user.
6-TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP, entirely at its own will and without any liability, without prior notice, terminates your membership or use of system services and reserves the right to delete any content from its system. Your membership will be terminated automatically if the following situations occur. detection of actions aimed at harming its partners, failure to fulfill the condition of 'Active Participation' in the
C-System service. shall not be liable to you or other third parties in case your membership is terminated.
7-CHANGES REGARDING TERMS OF USE may change the terms of use stated on the site at any time, for any reason and without prior notice. You can access the current version of the terms of use on our website at The changes made will bind you. As long as you continue to use system services, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes in terms of use.
The terms of use stated here are between you and is a valid contract. In case of inconsistency between the terms of use stated here and the conditions in other media (printed materials, brochure, user manual, etc.), the terms stated here will prevail. In addition, you may be required to be subject to the terms of use of the relevant software and the party regarding other software and any third party tools that you can use within the system services. non-exercise of rights cannot be interpreted as a change in this usage condition.
This userIstanbul Courts shall be authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise regarding the terms of reference and the use of system services.