Secure Online Shopping with 256-bit SSL Certificate at

Dear member / visitor, Our website is secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate. SSL certificate is the certificate that provides the authentication of the server and enables the security and integrity of the data between the server and the client. It ensures that the information between two computers can be sent securely between two computers in direct communication without other people being able to see it. From the moment you log in to our site, an SSL session is started between the server and the browser. The SSL feature delivers encrypted credit card information from the customer's browser to the server. At this stage, attackers can monitor network traffic with special software or devices, and view the contents of the packets moving back and forth on the network. However, because the contents of the package are encrypted, they cannot access the information they want. To decrypt the ciphertexts, they need a key that will take years even with very powerful computers, but which they can find through trial and error. Under these circumstances, it is extremely safe to send the credit card to the supplier's server using SSL. But of course SSL does not protect the credit card information stored on the server. The security of the credit card information that is kept on file is entirely the responsibility of the website. In this context, Teleplus does not store the credit card information entered in the system. The data entered will be automatically deleted as soon as the payment confirmation has been received from your bank.